Tuesday, August 19, 2003

So the guy that was trying to sell me faked family tree data got himself screwed. He hadn't cashed the check by this morning so I went to my credit union and asked them whether they could stop payment. They could, which seems kinda amazing, and instead of $100 wasted I only lost $15 which was the charge for the process. The Faker sent me two emails after I questioned him and it rapidly became apparent that he is a pathological liar. He wrote:

"You will not find any [reliable] data on the Fagan family online because no one has posted anything on them. I am the only living individual who has ever done serious research on the New England branch of the family. The data that you found on Worldconnect.com was my data originally (which I shared with the submitter); however, I asked her specifically NOT to post the data because the software that she used to upload the GEDCOM [a geneaology database file] created a host of errors (including the one that you mentioned). [comments- it is impossible for a GEDCOM file to create those types of errors. Also the Fagan family appears to be imaginary]

Few members of this progeny appear in early census records for a variety or reasons: Primarily because they were "Torries" (British sympathizers) and did not make themselves particularly accessible to anyone associated with post-Revolutionary Yankee government (with census-takers on the top of that list). [comments- bullcrap- Tories didn't dodge the census, especially by the early 1800s, when the war was a distant memory]

Rest assured that the information that I have shared with you is accurate."

The $15 was almost worth the amusement this created, but I wonder how many other people have lost money to this kid.

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