Monday, August 18, 2003

I shook hands with Howard Dean at around 10 AM today.

The New York Times has an article on why humans lost most of their fur. I know some men who haven't.

I have exchanged an email with Jonno, sending him some info on one of his cute dead guys. Jonno, who must be overwhelmed with emails, is still a lovely, polite man.

I paid someone for some family history research and he sent me a pile of faked material- apparently he didn't think I was smart enough to discover that he had sent the same file, with a few small changes in the pertinent person, to someone else. Unfortunately for this stupid person, he included his parents names in the database and, despite sending me only a postoffice box number, it was relatively easy to find them in a reverse white pages directory. I wonder how they will feel when I contact them and explain how their son is ripping people off by charging money for bogus data. I talked with Pat about this before I sent the check, and we agreed that it might be a scam. And we were right. Unfortunately.

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