Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Dreams do come true. So the last several years I have said that I wanted to see Pink Flamingos on my 40th. And yesterday as I did a little shopping I considered stopping by Casa Video and renting it, but decided that I would be hanging with Curtis instead. We went over to Chipotle and had strong margaritas (I am such a lightweight) and talked and talked, and then back to his house and people began to show up- Gavin, Kevin, Brian, Shane, Michele, Matt, and Jean Paul. Curtis put on Beyond the Valley of the Dolls on and we admired the crazy eye makeup and the lack of any recognizable actors. And then Curtis went and grabbed a couple other videos and there was Pink Flamingos! Ohmigod, I was elated. So we watched. And Gavin's Kevin, who I was meeting for the first time, was rather shocked. I mean, the movie is about the filthiest people in the world and they don't do anything redeeming, kinda like our current Republican administration. I have to admit though, that the penultimate scene- the doggy doodoo incident- had me retching.

The Cake.

So there, after all that build-up, I'm officially 40 and can now move onto more exciting topics like my favorite casserole recipes and which of my cats is the cutest.

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