Monday, September 22, 2003

I'm filthy dirty, just back from a day of digging at the triplex. The work conditions are cramped, the situation sometimes bizarre (we have to actually burrow under the foundations of the 1860s house before the new foundations are laid). And we are finding a lot of stuff- artifacts ranging from pieces of brightly colored majolica, Hohokam pottery, an occasional arrow, and features- places where the Hohokam dug postholes and pits to make their homes roughly a thousand years ago. It's a good time and we are finding out that the downtown area was probably really heavily occupied, something that we kinda knew, but this recent work makes much clearer.

So now I have to shower and scrub the dirt out of my pores and blow it out of my nose. I'll probably feel a lot better when I am cleaned up, perhaps better enough to wash those dishes from Thursday night's dinner party. Blech. Why is it so much easier to wash old battered artifacts than it is to wash one's newly dirtied dishes?

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