Sunday, September 21, 2003

Nature. Spent last night camping near the Rincon mountains in a grove of Arizona walnut and sycamore trees. I had gone over to Curtis's house and helped him pack up his yard sale and then did the "Hurry, hurry!" thing and got over to Gavin's house at 5:25. Besides Curtis and I, Shane and Brian, Gavin and Kevin, Kent, and Vince made up the company. We drove down and arrived after dark, set up camp, and partied a little (actually a lot). Lesson no. 1). DO NOT collect fire wood while drunk because a nasty cholla cactus limb can look remarkably like wood. Ouch, I have about 19 little spines in my hand that burn like bejesus.

Vince, Shane, and Brian at the campfire.

Lots of nature. It was big grasshopper mating season. They were everywhere on the road out, taking their time to amble along. Why did the grasshopper cross the road? So I could run them over, I guess. Also saw hawks, turkey vultures, and three deer on the way out. Despite the recent monsoon, it was very dry.

Giant grasshopper.

In the morning Eric and Dan showed up and most of us went on a hike.


Lesson no. 2): Find out how long the hike is before starting. After walking for four hours I realized that it was impossible to drag my 40-year-old butt up more steep slopes. I was completely spent. I conferenced with the other guys, feeling like a wuss, and explained that I would rather return than continue for another 4.5 miles to get to the pools, where the guys would all be skinny dipping. I know that they must think I'm lame, what I didn't realize was that my shorts were rubbing my legs raw as well. It took two hours to get back to car, by which time I was soooo glad that I hadn't added nine more miles on. Although I really wanted to see the pine trees and the lovely pool, etc.

View on the way back, resting.

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