Saturday, September 13, 2003

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. Actually, more like have pinkeye (again!) which involves a slightly swollen right lower eye lid. I did pinkeye research and wonder if it is allergy related, possibly because of the dust from the triplex.

Got up this morning and went over to Curtis's house to help out at his awesome yard sale. I picked up a few items- a huge orange baby bird mouth vase, a blue stopper bottle, a starburst clock, a 1950s barbeque tray, and a purple glass and gold metal lamp. This was the yard sale to beat all yard sales. And all of the cool people in town came, among them a number of cute straight guys. At 11:00 I ran over and had lunch with Jay, Karen, Sonya, and David. It was nice to relax. Shirl showed up later and we chatted about her sick dog. Karen agreed to watch Princess and Bear when I am in DC in October. Then back to the yard sale. Packing up was a chore, luckily Matt was there. And now it is an hour before I go over to David's to start the party setup. I am going to be so f'in tired. I hope a cute redhead or two shows up tonight.

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