Sunday, September 14, 2003

Wicked tired. That's my first and last name at 11:28 Sunday morning. Last's night party was fun, fun, fun. To all of my friends who were there- Bob, Steve, Patrick, Mark, Matt, Robert, Dave, Abe, Dave, Jeffrey, the new cute Jeffrey, Chaz, Michael, Robbie, Jim, Matt, Curtis, Brian, Shane, Gary the mortician, Michele AKA Melissa, Tom, the other Sam, his cute boyfriend, Jim, Steve, Mark A., Terry, Mitch, Andrew, Pedro, Gordon, John, Ron, Floyd, Jay, Paul, April, and the others who I know I have missed, thanks for making me feel special in some way. And I looked hot in my Boy Scout shirt.

The food came out great, there were cute guys to smile at, nice things to talk about, just about the right number of cards and presents, an unexpected phone number, interesting stories on the front porch, and so on. And so I'm wicked tired after getting little sleep and now I'm heading back to clean up David's place, then to the store to buy some poundcake for trifle, and I'm baking an onion tart for tonight's Eat like your Ancestors' meal at Gretchen's. I'll have a full review of that tomorrow. Yawn. I am wicked tired.

Homer and David, the birthday boys.

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