Monday, September 15, 2003

Overheated. Today was hot, hot, hot. I was outside digging with Patti at the triplex and by early afternoon the sun was brutal. My blue hardhat was baking my skull. I drank tons of water, and so far seem to have escaped the horrible dehydration headache I was expecting. Came home and had some onion tart from last night. Pleasant. Cool.

The dinner party last night was nice. Gretchen made a Hungarian noodle dish (she made me a special one with tofu) and a cucumber something-or-other. Dena brought a chicken soup. Tom and Nick brought a bizarre meat wrapped pickle thingy and a mashed potato and broccoli caserole- the latter was good. Everyone liked the onion tart and the trifle went over well, despite its obvious flaws. I was a little nervous because Tom is a cook, but apparently I did well.

My kitchen is, unfortunately, a freakin' mess. After I go back to work and come back, I have an exciting evening of cleaning.

Happy birthday Ali.

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