Sunday, September 28, 2003

Quiet morning. I got to bed at a reasonable time last night after attending a pair of parties. Met two authors visiting Tucson including Felice Picano at Tom and Brian's new pool party. They were staying at Rich's house, where the second party was held. It was pretty sedate and I spent some time hanging out with David B. and Derek.

My usual Sunday routine is to get up, read the crappy Arizona Daily Star while eating a bowl of cereal, and then do household chores. Since the chores are already finished I am kinda at a loss for what to do.

A few days ago Shane interrupted me when I complained that I was bored. "How can someone like you be bored?" he asked. I took some time to think about this. I have a great job, a house that needs constant upkeep, five cats, friends, several time-consuming hobbies, tell stories in my head, am an internet news junky, listen to NPR while driving. And yet sometimes I feel "bored." Actually, I don't think boredom is correct, realistically it is a mild form of depression that comes and goes and is mainly a result of feeling lonely. It would be nice to have someone else to be around, to bounce ideas off of, to laugh at my silly jokes. And so I think I am switching to dating mode and hoping that there are some non-boring guys out there looking for the same.

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