Sunday, September 07, 2003

Random thoughts. David came over and hung out, ate some of my burned pineapple upsidedown cake, and was pleased with my large linoleum pieces that I mounted and hung in my bedroom.

Red piece.

I admire Corky's photography and aspire to one day have a better digital camera to record the random events of life. Below are a couple of images from this week. I love Queen Donuts. The owners are a lovely couple who make the best donuts in town. Krappy Creme donuts, which everyone screams about, are nothing in comparison.

Queen Donuts.

Inside the triplex the old adobe walls are being repaired. There are three more months of work to go- sections of adobe replaced, doors and windows restored, lime plaster applied. I'll be digging up the interior below the floors to recover the artifacts and uncover the historic and prehistoric past of the area.


I'll be 40 in nine days. When my father was 40 he had five kids. I have five cats instead. Coincidence or fate?

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