Monday, September 08, 2003

Rollercoaster. Sometimes people tell you things you really don't want to know. The phone rings and a voice says, Meet me at the Congress in 10 minutes for dinner." I'm not sure exactly who it is, but maybe it is that cute redhead. When I get there I discover that it is John visiting from Phoenix. He looks good. Since he moved up there I don't see him enough. We were really good friends for several years, talking on the phone, going to the gym, I lived vicariously through him as he went off to do the circuit scene. Tonight we catch up, doing condensed versions of our lives. We don't talk enough on the phone.

He tells me a story, asking me if I want to hear it first. I say I don't care but afterwards I wish I hadn't. I was pretty naive and Tucson is a small town. A little detail- the picture over the fireplace, becomes important and leads to a story. It is a novel of deception, trust when I shouldn't have trusted. I go from being happy to unhappy. And I think why? Why?

Tonight, from my front porch.

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