Monday, January 19, 2004

Civil rights are an important topic for me. Basically, I am tired of being a second class citizen in this country because I am gay-queer-faggot- whatever you fucking want to call me. It is amazing how so-called moral Christians can hate people with such abandon. But then many people have this bizarre need to feel superior in some way to others, it makes their lives so much better and fulfilling. Very strange.

Homosexuality runs in my mother's family. Her aunt Bessie was a lesbian, back before there were lesbians. And no one put 2+2 together (except me). She was a WAC during World War II and had a special "friend." Lived in a military retirement community in California far away from pestering relatives. Sent my sister a letter when she was getting married telling her "There are other options besides getting married to a man." No one caught on. Last year a distant relative stopped emailing me after she sent me an anti-gay email and I had to inform her that there were many queers in our family. Poor woman.

Thanks Aunt Bessie, for being such a cool individual. I'm sure you would be glad to know you are appreciated.

Aunt Bessie, circa 1945.

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