Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I'm waiting for Reggie to call so we can go have dinner. I am hungry and that means I have to think about food. I like to eat, really ought to be fat, but then I can never sit still so I burn up a lot of energy. More specifically, I have a terrible sweet tooth. Yum- donuts, chocolate, those honey-waffle things you can get in Amsterdam (something like stroopwaffles), pastries, pies. I'm not a big cake fan though. I also like cheese, except for those vile moldy ones, I mean that stuff should just be tossed into the garbage. And fresh bread-right out of the oven. And mashed potatoes. And onions. Christ, I'm starving. Reggie, please call NOW...

In other news, the Democratic primary in AZ. Dean has been to Tucson twice- he's impressive in person and comes across as a very straight forward, truthful man. Leiberman was here once, but got little coverage. The rest- not a glimpse. I find Kerry to be rather wooden, but his military career is certainly better than GW Dipshit's AWOL military "career." I dunno, I just want that piece of crap to be thrown out of office.

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