Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Oh my gosh. I'm trying to think of something interesting to write about and suddenly have realized that at this exact moment I am probably the most boring, dull, uninteresting person in the world. That is not an exageration. It surprises me, because this is exactly opposite of what I would like. So now I am puzzling over how to solve this situation.

Should I become a serial killer and stalk hapless victims? No, too messy and way too much work. Become a porno star? While some people I know could handle that, I'm afraid I am a terrible actor. Vote for Al Sharpton in next week's primary? Oh my, now that would be interesting, but rather stupid. I think I will have to settle for doing the rest of my laundry in my fabulous new washing machine.

Speaking of stupid, I called Senator McCain's office here in Tucson yesterday and asked his staff person why he was campaigning in New Hampshire for that idiot George Bush. The guy that answered the phone could hardly keep from laughing. From what I can tell, none of his staff members hold the miserable failure in much regard.

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