Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Plasticity. Goddamn, sometimes I amaze myself. My mother was here for the Holiday craft party and saw how much my friends loved making doodaas, so for an Xmas present she sent me this plastic bead mosaic kit. Basically you have these plastic boards with small pegs that you position plastic beads on. Once you have finished the design, you iron it and the beads fuse into colorful mosaics. I thought that it was really stupid, but when I was utterly bored in my freezing house I made one and it was the most fun EVER. Well, perhaps that is worded a little strongly. It was entertaining. And I have made Michelle, Mimi, Larry, and Eric all do one and they agreed, it was the most fun ever. So at the end of the month or in early February I am going to have a single-gay-boy craft and pizza party. Maybe we will even play spin the bottle and twister, you never know.

The most fun ever, or, I need a boyfriend badly.

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