Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Up, up, and away. I leave in a couple of hours for the metropolis of St. Louis to attend an archaeology conference. Normally I look forward to going, but this year a culmination of budgetary forces has resulted in my having poco dinero in my bank account. So if you happen to see me scrounging in the dumpsters behind restaurants, kindly look the other way. Perhaps no blog entries until I get back.

While in complaining mode.... if you say you are going to call and that we are going to have breakfast/lunch/dinner/etc, it would be nice if you actually made the effort and did so. Twice, recently, this has happened. Phone calls left unanswered. It doesn't take a PhD to figure out a lack of interest, but how hard is it to tell someone that fact (well, actually it is difficult, but I'm the one whining here). Plus, I'm owed two meals. I'm not taking someone out for dinner for a while.

Plus my washing machine has broken. I knew it was on life support, gasping for air. But the sudden death was a total shock. As well as very inconvenient. Actually it still runs on the permanent press setting but when you wash blue jeans on that setting they come out horribly soggy because permanent press clothes (which I deny owning) apparently don't get spun as much as "normal" clothes (that's what the washing machine calls them). I wonder if Eric has any permanent press clothes?

Lastly, has anyone else noticed that it is impossible to scroll down past a couple of entries for my recent posts? I'm wondering if it is just my particular browser doing this.

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