Friday, January 09, 2004

Meet me in St. Louis. I'm at the St. Louis Public Library. Hanging out with the homeless guys, most of whom seem to have email accounts. I've had a low key couple of days. Was intending to go out and actually do something last night but a falafel sandwich I had for dinner gave me a wretched stomach ache. I lay in bed until 2 am feeling sorry for myself. And why does hotel cable television suck so supremely???

My presentation went well yesterday- I always do a good job. Have seen only a handful of people I know here- most of my friends stayed home this year. The library is 5 blocks from the hotel. Some nice buildings and I looked up today and finally noticed that big arch. But like many places downtown St. Louis is dead. A preponderance of government buildings and not enough housing. I forgot my toothbrush and asked the hotel concierge where the nearest pharmacy was. "Two miles away." Fuck. How do people live without cars?

And Eric, I didn't mean to sound mean! And I'll try resetting the column width, which Blogger seems to have reset by itself. And Sush, I hope you are having a lovely day. Later.

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