Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Tax time. I'm probably odd because I don't mind paying taxes. I think of it as an obligation, paying for government services. Of course I wish I could pick where the money went. Instead of bombs and big bucks for the Bush-Cheney crowd I would be sending it to poor people. Like that would ever happen.

So I dig through my box of receipts, bank statements, credit card bills. And for some reason I can'f find last year's tax forms. I know I had them early last year when I got a second mortgage, but what did I ever do with that folder? It isn't the end of the world if I don't have it, but it also confounds me. Where, of where has 2002 tax form gone?

In other news, Jenny and I finished looking at the thousands of bones from the Chinese well today. It was a very interesting collection- more than half pig, which is unusual for Tucson. Very little wild game. Imported fish and cuttlefish (a squid-like creature). A cat, some kittens, and a puppy all chopped up. The beef bones were all high quality cuts. The five or six Chinese farmers who were living a couple of thousand feet from my house were eating very well, much better than many of their Anglo and Mexican neighbors.

Now back to finishing some other reports and then I need to go to the boss and ask "What's next?"

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