Thursday, January 22, 2004

A Big Loser. As in I managed to lose three important things today- an artifact tag, an envelope of children's stories, and a pair of drawings. All three were eventually located, after a great deal of effort. But what a waste of time.

And then on the way home I got a call from someone looking for Cafe Mixteca. Now, I've had my phone number since September 1999. You would think people would finally realize that the number is no longer associated with that restaurant (which must have been good, given the number of calls). Also, the Chi Rho sorority is one number off from mine. No, you can't get a hold of Maggie or Suzie or Tiffany by calling me. Believe me, I do not have the correct number for either place. And I'm not interested in looking them up for you.

The rain is making little wild flowers pop up all over my front yard. It is going to be exciting to see all of those different flowers bloom in March through June.

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