Friday, January 23, 2004

When I was five. I watched Captain Kangeroo. Learning that the actor, Bob Keeshan, had died today made me think about the show. I was always a fan of Bunny Rabbit and Mister Moose. I don't why I found that them amusing. It certainly was a lot different than the shows kids watch today, which seem to be focused on selling toys, junk food, and soda pop.

The year I was five was the year when I should have gone to kindergarten but didn't. My mother decided to keep me at home because I was too small (I was undersized until I was in college- soooo skinny!). And I watched Captain Kangeroo in the morning, played cards with my mother, went to the supermarket (which was a tiny store at the time) where the cashier always patted my head. I would get up every morning and go have a raspberry Twinkie with Grandpa, who lived next door. I watched as he made me a leather tooled wallet which I still have, hidden away somewhere. I accidently burned down my sisters' playhouse with all of my toys inside. I sucked my thumb religiously. On my birthday I went to Ace Hardware and picked out a toy truck and house trailer for my present. That was so much fun- it had furniture inside and I spent houses playing with my PeeWee dolls, sometimes having dramatic accidents.

I also played house and carpenter downstairs, once sawing off the end of my thumb. I sat at the bottom of the scary steps, which were frightening to me to climb up, and cried until my mother came and rescued me. My mother says it was the best year of her life, a selfish year in which she got to hang out with me alone. I'd have to say that with the exception of sawing off the thumb part, that it was a pretty good year. Thanks Captain Kangeroo!

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