Monday, February 09, 2004

Almost famous. Jim mentioned that the only celebrity he has seen in person was Tiny Tim. So on the way to work I started thinking of famous people I have bumped into, Here's my list:

Charlie Sheen- at the gym, he was filming a movie in Tucson
Stephen Baldwin- at the gym, he lived in Tucson
Ted Danson- at the airport in LA
Keanu Reeves- at a restaurant in LA, he was attending a birthday party
Ricky Lee Jones- at the same restaurant, at the bar
John Stossel- walking down the street in NYC

And that is it for the accidental list. I guess I'm not a magnet for the rich and famous. The on-purpose list includes: Gerald and Betty Ford, George and Barbara Bush, Dan Quayle, Walter Mondale, Howard Dean, Jesse Jackson, Robert Ballard, and Maya Angelou. And perhaps the most bizarre- Colonel Sanders.

So who have you seen in person?

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