Thursday, February 05, 2004

I shouldn't climb back in bed in the morning after I have had insomnia. I typically have bizarre, scary dreams. This morning I dreamt of nice Grandma. I was at her house playing cards with a bunch of relatives and there she was, putting her coat on and heading outdoors. I asked her where she was going and she hurried out. I realized that she was running away, but my mother caught her and she came back inside.

Grandma died six years ago and I sometimes really miss her. She was a hard person to understand, kept her emotions well hidden. But every time I went back to Michigan I would stop and spend a few days with her. We would do the things she liked to do- go to Salvation Army to look for bargains, have lunch at the FlapJackShack, watch Wheel of Fortune. We didn't agree politically- she was an ardent Republican. But I blame that on the horrid newspaper and television stations she had access too. Grandma helped me out financially three times when I really needed help, and for that I guess I can excuse her politics. [Side note- it was shocking to see how many awful Republican fund raising letters she would get every day- from scum like Oliver North. One time I returned out to Jessie Helms suggesting in quite colorful terms where the envelope belonged].

It was nice to see Grandma in my dream. I wouldn't mind if she showed up there more often.

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