Friday, March 26, 2004

Geez, it's a bird fuck fest. Every morning in my backyard. Chirp, chirp, chirpppppp! So loud. It drives the cats wild, since all they want is a bird eat fest.

I hope the FCC doesn't spank for me for saying "fuck." Oh, I said it again! I am so naughty. Poop. Titty. Now I'm going to be grounded by Mike Powell.

I woke up after some silly dreams. In one I made out with a cute guy. I will have to tell him about that and see what he thinks. In another I had wings and was flying around a library vandalizing it. It was really fun to push over bookshelves. That was naughty too.

Abe liked his found-art piece I made for him. I like it better than the one I made for myself.

Missing the Canadian Rocket.

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