Thursday, March 25, 2004

My Dinner with Matt. After a-not-too-strenuous day at work I came home and made a piece of art for Abe (I'll post a picture after he gets it) and read a silly sci-fi novel. At around 7:30 I went over and picked up Matt and we went to have Chinese at Dragon View. Matt is a fellow Tucson blogger, he works with Panchesco at a local cafe. It's the first time we have met in person and it turns out he's a really nice, fun guy. He's vegan, interested in plants, hasn't figured out quite what he wants to do, and is heading off to Colorado for the summer. Oh, and he's really cute!

When I was his age I was super skinny (I think I weighed 147 pounds), closeted, a total geek. But times have changed. I kinda wish that I had some of the options that being young allows- not being tied down to a mortgage or car payment, experiencing things for the first time. I think its easier to be gay now than when I was 20, when there were no role models, tv shows, magazines, etc available. But like I said, times have changed.

After dinner I brought Matt over to my casa and we played Upwords and Gin Rummy and talked. The cats circled around, competing for attention. It was nice. Did I mention he's cute?

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