Thursday, April 22, 2004

It's funny how certain pieces of clothing can become favorites. I like the red plaid shirt that I'm wearing in the Summer 2003 picture at lower right. I also have a puke yellow polyester shirt that I think I paid a quarter for a long time ago at some thrift store in Montana or North Dakota. I have a Chinese light blue silk jacket with beautiful embroidered pink magnolias that my friend John gave me one New Year's Eve. And a bunch of 1950s or 1960s thin silk ties- I have a long torso so wide ties look funny on me. Also those black wingtip shoes that I bought in 1985 for a dollar with the big holes in the soles. They are so cool, and the shoe repair place claimed that they were too worn. I'm going to try again, those shoes are hot.

I guess I'm thinking about clothes because I'll be in New York City in a month and everybody will be wearing their fancy stuff and I'll be wandering around looking like a Tucson bumpkin, but at least I'll be a comfortable one. But I guess I will have to go buy something fun to wear when the blog boys get together and meet- gotta make a nice first impression in person. So should I go vintage- maybe be a 60s bowling team shirt? Should I go dressy? Should I buy a real pair of pants instead of jeans? Maybe a cowboy hat? I dunno if I should even be bothering, guess it's partly because I'm tired of my duds at this very moment.

I think I'll take those wingtips around and get them fixed real good- they are kinda like my ruby slippers, you know.

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