Friday, April 23, 2004

I'm a redneck at this very moment because my head-shoulder connector got a little too much sun today and is flaming red. That's about the only flamey spot on me presently. I was outside today watching a backhoe dig trenches, collecting prehistoric potsherds as they showed up in the backdirt. After the backhoe moved to the next trench my two co-workers and I scraped the walls of the trench with out trowels, eventually finding the places where the trench cut through prehistoric pithouses and pits. In a few weeks we will return to uncover these and excavate them before the area is bulldozed for a drainage ditch. Oh so glamorous, except for the burnt skin and a nasty blister on my right hand.

Going downtown in a moment to catch Matt's show. I'm pretty excited to see his performance.

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