Saturday, April 24, 2004

Two things. First, the drag kings performance last night was way cool. What I hadn't expected was that the performance included a lot of political and social commentary, much more than you would ever see at a drag queen show. A couple of my friends showed up and we stood close to the stage and cheered Matt and the boys on.

Secondly, I spent the afternoon up on the side of the mountain next to my house, talking to people about the history of Tucson. I spent the morning giving and listening to talks. What was remarkable was listening to three men who each own major companies bore people out of their minds because they spoke in a monotone manner, went on tooooo looonnggg, and did the PowerPoint thingy in which you put your text up and then read it out loud. Cripes, I was flaming bored but couldn't leave until they finished, then had to rush home for lunch and drive up La Sierra. Luckily the people who came by to hear my spiel were entertaining.

Looking north toward my house, which is visible but too small to point out.

Last thing, I know this is number three but no death threats please. My computer is dying- the sound just stopped last week. So should I get a laptop or a regular desktop? I just can't decide. Which is better, and why?

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