Thursday, April 08, 2004

Swatting flies. I'm so happy George doesn't spend his time swatting flies. He spent the day chillin' with his NRA buds, out hunting on his fly ranch, while those 20-year-old 'merican boys were being hunted over there in Eye-rack. If you live in one of the 17 or so states that are considered competitive in the upcoming election, you'll understand why I scream at the telly, 'Shut up, shut up you dumb fuck!" every so often.

Matt made me dinner last night. I'm posting a pic of the tofu and carrot dish for Jonny. It was yummy. I'll tell you what, Matt is a good cook. And he showed me his new piercing. And he has pretty eyes and eyelashes. It is an adventure hanging out with him. We didn't waste our time swatting flies either. To tell you the truth, I catch bugs and let them outside rather than swat them. Robert would be proud of me.

Umm, ummm, good.

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