Saturday, May 08, 2004

After a day in the sun (I had to work on getting a dig ready today and tomorrow), I came home and cleaned like a devil, since Gregg and Shane were coming down from Phoenix. I've known them since '91 and it is nice to see them. They laugh at my silly stories. I admire their muscular bodies- here in Tucson guys aren't as gym-inclined. Although when we stopped at IBT's I did see the cute, pyschotic guy who has been working out (steroids maybe?) and now has a truly amazing body. Too bad he foams at the mouth.



Arghh, I have to work tomorrow. So hot. And dusty. And the creepy old guy standing about 100 feet away staring at me and Dan the backhoe man. I wish he would go away, but then maybe he is the president of my fan club and nobody told me.

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