Monday, May 10, 2004

And on the eighth day I worked. Oh I am pretty tired since I didn't sleep well last night. And being outside in the upper 90s for three days in a row makes Homer a red-nosed, red-necked person. The site I am working on dates back about 1000 years and is really rather cruddy- the result of being under Interstate 19 for 40 or so years. Still, we are finding some pithouses and there is a lot of pottery coming out, but it definitely isn't Indiana Jones-ish. But then, I think I've only had a few of those moments. One was when I visited a site friends were working on in northern Arizona. They had been digging and felt air coming out of the ground, from a crack in the bedrock. They were able to lower a camera in and discovered an underground room, its opening in an adjacent unexcavated room. They dug that room out, lifted a large slab that covered the opening and went it. There turned out to be a whole series of underground rooms, last visited around 1300 A.D. When I climbed down in it was amazing to see the wooden poles and woven matting still in place. But mostly I get to dig out old outhouses, which really wouldn't make a good movie.

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