Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Back in Tucson. Flight from hell from Minneapolis, trapped between a plump woman who kept invading my space and a dippy mom-to-be reading a book on teaching her child math while in the womb- by tapping on her stomach and saying numbers out loud. I hope she doesn't tap to hard and injure it.

Yesterday went to Second Hand Rose in downtown NYC. I got lost and ended up at the World Trade Center site by accident. It was surprisingly depressing, all cleaned up with neighboring buildings still being restored. Last time I was in NYC I walked through the lobby of one of the towers to get to the subway. At the store I looked at expensive wallpaper- $100 a roll. I guess I will be looking at ebay to find me something comparable.

Expensive linoleum.

My old college roommate Mark is in town tomorrow night- he, Jason, and I will be having Mexican food. I can't wait to see them.

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