Saturday, May 22, 2004

On the subway heading up to the 42nd Street station on the way to Barrage, I watched my fellow riders. I was feeling a little nervous going to meet people. NYC is a big hodge podge. Everyone is surprisingly courteous, except for the annoying woman handing out religious pamphlets.

I was there first and sipped a gin and tonic while waiting. I'm such a lightweight- I wasn't even half finished and I was buzzed. A cute guy in a red shirt walked in- hey it's Steven (Apt3E). Geez, he's even cuter in real life. We start chatting and soon other bloggers trickle in. I meet Addaboy and Crash. Suddenly there is Mark (Zeitzuige) and Jennifer (Zenchick) and a little while later Patrick (Patch).

People bought me more drinks and by the fourth I was a little sloshed. Well a lot sloshed. I was having a lot of fun talking and flirting and feeling all glamourous. I went and had bad Thai food with Crash and Atticus and came back to the bar. Everybody was really sloshy by then. Finally at 12:45 a said adieu and walked to the subway, a bouquet of orangish-yellow roses in hand. The trip back was less crowded, quieter. The stations are really clean and I didn't spot a single rat on the tracks, which was a little disappointing. Back at Les's place the guys next door were loud, screaming into their cell phones as Hazel-dog and I tried to sleep. It was a nice time.

Eddie, Apt3E, and I.

Cowsinthebarn, me, Apt3E, and Patch.

Mr. Zeitzuege in his sexy cowboy shirt.

Zenchick and Mzouiser.

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