Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Second attempt. Okay so I am pretty dull and my breath smells like onion and parsnips. The mega eruption on my forehead is healing but still is terribly disfiguring. The cats are restless and still no new home for Princess and Bear, who sat on my lap and purred tonight, they are so bored of being locked up in the dining room. I got the $100 charity cottonwood and I can see why it was donated, it is so lame and crooked. I have friends coming into town Saturday night but because of a sudden archaeology dig I can't stay up late and will actually have to work 12 days in a row. So life is pretty dull but in 15 days I will be in New York City.

Last there in 1998 for a one night visit on the way home from Amsterdam. A lot has changed since then, I can't wait to ride the subway- looking at the tracks to spot the rats. But a lot has changed. The World Trade Center, which I walked through to the station on the way to and from Les's house, won't be there. My heart is occupied. I'll worry about my cats when before I was worry-less. I'll be meeting new friends and they'll be finding out if I'm intriguing or interesting or just a plain goof (I can be all three). So New York City, are you ready?

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