Thursday, May 06, 2004

It's hot as an oven! And although it is a dry heat, it has arrived. So first thing that happens is my car AC has decided to act up. Maybe it just needs a little fluid, but driving around today with the window open, it was kinda like being in an Easy Bake oven.

My sister Susan had one of those, and I was secretly enamored with it. Oh, I wanted to make cakes and cookies too, but that was not to be. Not that my mother believed in sex-appropriate toys. She bought my brother and I GI Joes (I still have mine, I was so PC that I asked for the black one with fuzz hair) and then made elaborate outfits for them- surgeon's gowns, tuxedos, jammies, and so on. I still have those too, although I don't spend as much time dressing Joe as I once did.

I liked to play with Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, and my Erector Set (how appropriate!) and especially liked small plastic animals. In the summer I would make little villages and farms, and then build a dam and fill it will water. And the dam would break and wash everything away. I was a destructive little child.

I don't think toys are as much fun nowadays- there isn't much imagination left with the stuff I see in stores. I sometimes wonder whether we will have the same sort of engineers and scientists because kids don't make things the way we used to. On the other hand, maybe those computer games will come in useful once anarchy happens after George steals the next election.

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