Thursday, June 10, 2004

At the neighborhood Safeway you see lots of harried Mexican women surrounded by their three or four children. The women puzzle at the meat, trying to figure out which bloody cut to buy. The kids want to go down the cereal aisle or the one that has the Mexican candy. I tried to like it, the salty tamarind stuff, the chalky fruity blobs, but it is just too nasty. I like nice pastries better, preferably from Nick's shop in Amsterdam, but that is a continent away.

I pick out some rhubarb and hand it to Jason- "You are going to make me something with this." Later, when I'm not looking, he picks up a package of meat. That is his to do whatever he wants with, as long as I'm not looking. At home Puff and Joey are mesmerized by the package.

A visit to Dr. Fred today, who diagnosed a certain problem as a bruise. He thought it was amusing and laughed when I told him the cosmetic colonoscopy story. I like my doctor, he's a nice guy.

Jason is cooking and I am feeling spoiled, everyone deserves that once in a while.

Cafe Poca Cosa

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