Saturday, June 26, 2004

I called Pat after the funeral and it was calming. The boy's girlfriend had given the last eulogy, she was so sweet, it was obvious how much she cared for him. And she is Jewish. The preacher got up afterwards, according to the program, to give a "message." Turns out his message was that only Christians would ever get to see the boy again. This wasn't a short message either, it went on and on and fucking on. I watched the girl and her family become more and more stunned. I doubt that his funeral infomercial for Christianity got many people to call Judy and hear her say "Certainly, sir!" when they asked for that special package in order to see the dearly departed.

I wondered whether I was the only one to feel this way, besides the Jewish people there. But all my friends agreed and many were as angry as I was. This wasn't the place, wasn't the time to attract converts. It took away from all of the sweet remembrances. Enough.

High humidity has begun and the swamp coolers don't make it feel particularly cool. The next few months will be steamy at the house. Did I mention how much fun it is to wash dishes in the shower? I can't wait for the new sink and counters to be installed.

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