Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It is funny how a single action or a few words can shape how you perceive someone, change your opinion. Afterwards, you try to recall the original way, but there is that taint, that recollection sifting through, calling you over and over- "Remember?" It is a wicked thing, that deja vu feeling.

Yesterday Brian sent me an email. We haven't spoken in perhaps ten years, a messy fight at a bar in Phoenix that was later closed for a liquor violation. He is someone I didn't expect to hear from, and was pleased that the fight seemed amusing now, although at the time it was particularly nasty. We gossiped a little- about his cracked-out ex, the ex's hot roommate now cooling his heels in prison, and on a mutual friend- sometimes Arizona is such a small world.

I have two small world stories. 1). At the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, with my now-ex and my German-ex Philipp. I turned in one of the galleries and there was Rick from Houston, a hot Italian guy I met in Austin at Splash Bash and briefly dated. 2). At an Italian restaurant in Boston on a steamy hot 4th of July, we had just discussed the small world thing and in walked David E. from Tucson. "Hey David," I said, "What a small world."

What's your small world story?

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