Saturday, July 10, 2004

Five things. I have a vivid imagination. Sometimes when I have insomnia I make up stories in my head. Unfortunately, I'm not terribly good at writing fiction- although I took a creative writing class in college and the teacher read a story of mine out loud and said "I wish I had written this."

Anyway, last night I was all hell and brimstone over K.'s awful Republicanism and I focused my mind on other topics. We are having wildfires again in Arizona- not as bad as last year, but still threatening to burn up the U of Arizona's 100 million dollar telescope and the forest where a very endangered species of squirrel lives. It always seems that when people's cabins or homes burn down they leave all of the important stuff behind and grab the toilet brush or the latest issue of People magazine. So I wondered to myself "What would be the five things I would grab if my house was on fire?"

1). The cats. Mama Cat, Puff, and Joey. I imagine they would not cooperate and it would be a very unpleasant ordeal catching them.
2). My computer hard drive- it contains 1000s of hours of research.
3). My sweater drawer- my mother used to knit me lovely sweaters- see picture below. Plus my teddy bear, Smokey, who I've had for 35 years, is in the drawer.
4). My box of photos. I know- those things printed on paper. How archaic.
5). Flora Dora and Minerva- my grandmother's cousin Clarabell's dolls, which she got in 1911.

Sweaters mummy made for Homer along with Smokey.

Minerva- a steel-headed doll for everyday use- and Flora Dora, a French porcelain doll that Clarabell played with on Sundays in the parlor.

So what are your five things you would save?

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