Friday, July 09, 2004

At Furr's Cafeteria things got a little heated. K. is a gay Republican, primarily due to what he perceives as their business-friendly economic policies. He thinks we should have a flat tax and that rich people shouldn't have to pay more taxes than poor people. I counter that rich people are rich because the poor people get to send their kids off to fight in wars which the rich drive around in SUVs and go watch Spiderman. I noted that in Mexico the rich don't have to pay much in taxes, and look at how wonderful life is in that place. K. also thinks we will find those missing weapons of asshole destruction over in Iraq, that because someone is president we should actually like him, and that gays should settle for civil unions instead of marriage. Christonafuckingpunjistick. What difference will any of this make if Bush et al. pass whatever anti-queer laws I told him. He gets angry at me. Whatthefuckever. He got particularly angry after I told him that I had checked the Immigration Canada website to see what I needed to do to move there if things get real bad. "But your an American!" he practically shouted. Well, I'm sure a lot of Jews thought patriotic thoughts like that in Germany, say around 1932-1933. Look at the fuckups running the show, they have to have someone to scapegoat- and at the moment Homos-r-it. My dinner was kinda ruined and now I have indigestion. Sigh.

Jeffrey and my Furr's food.

Jimbo will like this- a photo of my neighbor kid being arrested and taken away. See, Tucson is just like Washington DC, crooks being cuffed in your 'hood and self loathing queers.

Cops with Catalina Mountains in the background.

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