Friday, July 09, 2004

My least favorite columnist is this yukky person named Maggie Gallagher. Her opinions are pretty worthless. In her most recent column she uses the personal experience of one person to suggest that gay marriage is wrong, wrong, wrong. It is too bad that everything didn't work that way, it would make life so much easier if you didn't have to weigh the evidence or do polls or conduct experiments. Well, I guess that was what the Middle Ages were all about, weren't they?

I sent her a charmingly nasty email. Disguised at first as a bit of praise so she would greedily read it (doesn't she look like the greedy sort in her less-than-attractive-hair-over-one-shoulder picture?), until she came to the part where I call her a skank. Actually, I didn't say skank, but I wanted to. I think skank is one of those awful sounding words like "wart" or "wussy" or "fellatio" that just sound diiiirty.

It made me feel a tiny bit better to tell her "Oh Maggie, You are such a great person! I love how you make gay people out to be evil, horrible people by sharing with us one small incident in one person's life! That is so clever. How about this generalization? You are a worthless, stupid bitch. I can prove it because I read your piece of trash today. As Cheney said, 'Go. Fuck. Yourself.'"

Maggie "skank" Gallgher.

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