Monday, July 05, 2004

I keep dreaming about the Ex. You would think after almost two years that would stop. But the last two nights, oh they were lively, romantic dreams and I wake up with this intense longing. It makes me want to cry a little, because I really miss some of the things I had back then. Of course dreams aren't particularly close to reality, so, for instance, in my dreams he tells me he's sorry and wants me. Hmm, christthatspathetic.

The 4th was loud here- my Mexican neighbors must visit their families south of the border and come back with lots of fireworks. BANG! The first was the loudest, they fired it right above our heads and it scared the poop right out of me.

Trying to get a good fireworks picture is impossible with my digital camera. But I sat there and just kept clicking the button and managed to grab a couple of images.

The finale was lovely and everybody in my backyard agreed it was a primo spot to watch the ephemeral explosions, all light and sound. And then we had a laugh when someone said that only Republicans should be allowed to celebrate the fourth.

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