Sunday, July 04, 2004

My junk is the old guy's treasure. This morning as Doug and Jason continue building my kitchen cabinet, I sort through the contents of the run-down shed in my backyard. I'm going to tear it down sometime soon, but need to wait until my laundry porch is enclosed so I can move a few items. I put things in the back alley- a huge microwave, an old color television that probably doesn't work, a pair of futon frames, some pots and pans. An old guy wanders down the alley collecting pop cans. He stops to admire the microwave and I tell him it still works. "Looks heavy." he says, "Yeah, it is." I say. By the time I haul out some more stuff he has brought back a little dolly and wheels it away, followed by one of the bigger futon frames. I expect by tomorrow morning other people will have taken most of the things I have put out away. Once I went to see a neighbors house and recognized a pair of metal folding chairs on their patio- something I had dropped out in the alley.

Tonight Jeffrey S. comes over and we'll hang out with Mike and his friends and watch the fireworks that will be fired off a few thousand feet to the south, on the top of "A" Mountain. The neighbors will be barbequeing and will turn their radio to the station that plays patriotic music and everybody in my 'hood will have a nice time.

Cabinets, now with doors and drawers.

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