Monday, August 16, 2004

At Elvis karoake I sat next to Panchesco as he unsuccessfully looked for a song to sing. Later I pointed out the cute guy in the bright blue tee-shirt. "He's cute." I said. A little while later the aforementioned cute guy winked at me and I wandered over and we talked for a while, before he sang a song and got second place. After a second song Panchesco told me, "I told you so" about a certain singing habit of the cute blue tee shirt guy. I didn't care, because Mark T. is cute and has a nice smile and he winked at me. It isn't often that I get winked at. It makes a good impression on me, especially when I am feeling a bit lonely.

So I sat with Mark T. and this other guy and listened as they traded some rather remarkable and sad stories involving surviving a flash flood and the resulting nine month hospital stay, waving at Pat Nixon, policeman anecdotes, a young wife dying from a stroke, and a 150-ft fall. Thankfully I had no similar stories to share. I did discover that Mark, who looks remarkably youthful, is actually only 364 days younger than me. Well now comes the interesting part- will he take out that card and call or email me? Stay tuned.

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