Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I'm not holding my breath for that call, but maybe if I did it would come sooner. At this very moment it would be nice to go on a date and have silly chit-chat and maybe go for a walk and steal a kiss under a tree. But knowing how things are I would probably get pigeon poop on me. So anyway....

My new mantra "Stay away from Republicans!" They are satanic, I swear they all bear the mark of the beast. I guess I'm supposed to overlook GW's lying and gay-bating because, 'He's really not that bad a guy." Holyfuckinpieceofshit, Batman. So I'm just going to say no and write that check to the "Democrats" and hope that come next January GW and Laura go off to Texas to fuck each other and not the whole country.

In other news, I'm going to go watch the Amazing Race with the boys tonight. CBS posted the new Survivor cast and it includes two out lesbians. There aren't enough lesbians on the telly, in my unbiased liberal opinion. We need more lesbians and less bush.

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