Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Those expensive purple pills have finally kicked in, as long as I remember to take one at four AM and one at four PM. Such a relief to not have a constant stomach ache [Lope asked how one gets acid reflux- in my case I have a hiatal hernia, my stomach is pushed up too far]. The concurrent insomnia, well that turned out to be too much caffeine so I've cut back dramatically on diet cola. Side effect, I get super sleepy at work. I wonder if the general dullness of work has anything to do with that?

Took the afternoon off and had a little nap, interrupted by numerous phone calls. Finally I got up and painted the inside of my cabinets light green. How do I manage to get so much paint on myself? As I peel it off I discover a second gray chest hair. Oh no.

You know, it is really warm in Tucson during the winter. Maybe I can convince some of the northern blogger guys to come visit. I have a king sized bed, by the way.

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