Thursday, August 19, 2004

Do you remember the old kind of television that you would turn off and there would be this little spot of light that would last a while? How about when you dialed "O" on the phone and an operator would actually answer? Or space sticks and how astronaut food tasted kind plasticky but was cool to eat.

Do you recall how the hills were higher when you were five? And cleaning Grandma's living room was really fun? How about eating a raspberry Twinkie with Grandpa everyday for months because he had gotten a whole grocery bag of them at the Dolly Madison day-old store? Or playing crazy eights with Mamma the year before you went to kindergarten? I sometimes wonder whether anyone remembers these sort of things, so I write them down so I won't forget them myself.

I made a time capsule, using a jam jar that Doug gave me, and put it below the bottom shelf of my new pantry. Inside the jar is a business card and two pages of photos of the kitchen project, with a short note from me. I folded up the front section of Saturday's newspaper and put it inside a baggy. Another baggy held a Mexican bingo game, a set of images that are popular here in Tucson. Doug signed the inside woodwork and then nailed the bottom shelf down. Someday somebody will pull that shelf up and find a surprise. I hope it makes a happy memory for them.

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