Saturday, August 21, 2004

I asked Richard after we watched Napolean Dynamite how he would describe that movie. We were both a tad stunned I think, it is a very different movie. I even used a different color. Wayne will like it because there is a llama in it.

I was doing yardwork when Doug called and he came over and allowed me to take a break without feeling guilty. We drank heavily (lemonade) and had us a nice little chat. I enjoy hanging out with Doug, he is funny, in a good way. We discussed A.'s dance moves. A. goes to karoake at IBTs on Sunday afternoons and is quite energetic interpreting songs. The time he did "I touch myself" was, well, touching. He certainly enjoys himself.

I ramble. Just finished the yardwork, which should make the next door neighbors happy. I even mowed the grass of my other next door neighbors, who have apparently moved away, taking Buddy dog with them. Now she was the sweetest dog and I would have taken her in if I didn't have three cats. I wonder who she is barking at now?

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