Sunday, August 01, 2004

Busy, busy, busy this morning- painting, sanding, cleaning, moving furniture. The shelf in the living room is done- now I just need to find more suitable things to put on it (see July 1 for a before image). I grabbed a few items for the picture below. Doug almost finished tiling- ran out of adhesive, and then he screwed the doors back on ( See the entry for June 22 for the before picture). I still have to finish plastering and painting in the kitchen and Doug has to make two more cabinets, one above the stove and one enclosing the space where the water heater once was. I'm going to put a time capsule below the latter cupboard, with some pictures and maybe a history of the house. I wonder who will find that, someday far in the future.

Doug assembling the spice cabinet.

Knick-knack shelf next to the cat's favorite scratching post, my dark green sofa.

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