Saturday, August 07, 2004

Gosh I love my digital camera. So handy to take pictures. At the dedication of the new I-10 & I-19 interchange I ran into Jamey and Bill and we walked around.

Overheated conehead.

The woman in this costume must have been miserable- it was pretty hot by 10 AM.

Speaking of hot, all three of us agreed this engineer was hump-worthy.

Cutest guy there.

I saw southern Arizona's cocksucking Republican congressman.

He voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, idiot.

Of course he was hanging out next to the hunky baseball player.

Sidewinder's stud.

I chatted with the policemen and admired the 1948 police car, which will still go 80 mph.

Self portrait in fender.

Did I mention there was a cute guy there?

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