Sunday, August 08, 2004

This old door. The original front door of my house, from 1927, has been leaning up against the shed in my back yard for five years. I've wanted to have it replicated and today I was playing with Mike's dog Faja and saw it. I dragged it out and brought it to my backyard. Looking at it, I realized it wasn't in that bad of shape- the door panel needed to be replaced and a pane of glass was missing, everything else was cosmetic. So I spent the morning and early afternoon stripping paint and sanding. I'll finish that this coming week, puttying the holes and cracks, and then Doug will replace the panel. After painting, it is going to be my front door again.

Door before.

Stripped and sanded.

To the person who wanted the police car photo, please email me- it isn't a great picture.

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